Wherever there is a purpose,
there is a window.

ECOWINDOWS is your one stop shop for high-performance products, design solutions, and support throughout your build.

At ECOWINDOWS, we’re not just experts in our field, we’re passionate about changing the way things are done. That’s why we don’t think of ourselves as suppliers, but as consultants and problem solvers.

Our team works with architects, builders, and owners to find windows, doors and ventilation systems to suit their designs. We design and order custom products if needed, and we’re always on hand to solve problems if they arise. It’s about making sure our customers get exactly what they need, whatever the project.

ECOWINDOWS products are manufactured in Germany and other parts of Europe, using sustainable materials including wood, aluminium and PVC – from tilt and turn windows, to a wide range of doors, to sophisticated ventilation and shading systems. Due to historical differences, typical New Zealand joinery is completely diverse in construction, installation, handling and performance. We  do have the expertise to guide you through the building consent process.  Along with you, your builder and/or architect we will find the most suitable installation solution for your individual project. 

Working with ECOWINDOWS starts with a consultation. We’ll come up with a plan and estimate, then deliver a detailed and free quotation. Finally, we’ll deliver products nationwide, offer help and support throughout the installation and of course afterwards.

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Yes they are! All ECOWINDOWS products are rigorously tested and certified by the internationally accredited institute “ift Rosenheim”, which is based in Germany and specialises in assessing the performance of European windows and doors. These tests are implemented according to the highest European standards (EN and ISO). This ensures the best quality, efficiency and safety of our double- and triple-glazed windows, and our entry doors.

The windows and doors have to pass a series of detailed and strict tests to prove their exceptional air permeability, watertightness and resistance to wind load. The results are then assessed in compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

This rigorous testing procedure allows ECOWINDOWS to offer our New Zealand customers windows and doors with the highest quality and durability.

Windows with a tilt and turn function can be opened fully inwards, or tilted from the bottom, so that the top of the window is angled towards the room. Because of their versatility and high security, double- and triple-glazed tilt and turn windows are the standard window type used in Germany and most of Europe.

One of the many advantages of tilt and turn windows is that they allow a permanent and safe ventilation of the room. When tilted, the window creates a gap that enables constant air circulation, yet it stays safe and burglar-proof. ECOWINDOWS tilt and turn windows are extremely secure and tight due to multiple locking points. Another benefit is the easy maintenance of tilt and turn windows. When you open the window inwards, you can easily wipe the outside surfaces.

ECOWINDOWS has a vast variety of double-glazed tilt and turn windows available on display at our showroom in Hamilton. We welcome you to visit us and experience all the benefits of an inward opening window for yourself!

ECOWINDOWS only uses windows with double-glazing or triple-glazing, as they achieve a much better thermal insulation compared to the traditional, and most commonly used, New Zealand single-glazed windows.

Modern double-glazed windows are made of two thermally insulated window panes (Low-E glass) that have a hermetically sealed space in between them. This space reduces the heat loss significantly, because it is filled with Argon, rather than air, a noble gas with low heat-conducting properties. Triple-glazed windows are made of three layers of glass, each covered with a Low-E coating and an Argon filling in between them.

A spacer seals the void between the two or three layers of glass to ensure that no gas or air can get through either way. The more layers of glass a window has, the better the energy efficiency of your home is, as the amount of heat loss is drastically reduced with each pane of glass.

The handles on our energy-efficient doors and windows have to be reliable and robust to last a lifetime.

ECOWINDOWS has a huge selection of long-life handles available, that cover all sorts of applications fields. Our range includes standard handles from Germany, exclusive premium brands with sleek elegance and timeless designs, and even a New Zealand made option of high-quality handles.

There is literally nothing we can’t offer, you can choose from a myriad of options!