Wherever there is a purpose,
there is a window.

ECOWINDOWS is your one stop shop for high-performance products, design solutions, and support throughout your build.

At ECOWINDOWS, we’re not just experts in our field, we’re passionate about changing the way things are done. That’s why we don’t think of ourselves as suppliers, but as consultants and problem solvers.

Our team works with architects, builders, and owners to find windows, doors and ventilation systems to suit their designs. We design and order custom products if needed, and we’re always on hand to solve problems if they arise. It’s about making sure our customers get exactly what they need, whatever the project.

ECOWINDOWS products are manufactured in Germany and other parts of Europe, using sustainable materials including wood, aluminium and PVC – from tilt and turn windows, to a wide range of doors, to sophisticated ventilation and shading systems. Due to historical differences, typical New Zealand joinery is completely diverse in construction, installation, handling and performance. We  do have the expertise to guide you through the building consent process.  Along with you, your builder and/or architect we will find the most suitable installation solution for your individual project. 

Working with ECOWINDOWS starts with a consultation. We’ll come up with a plan and estimate, then deliver a detailed and free quotation. Finally, we’ll deliver products nationwide, offer help and support throughout the installation and of course afterwards.

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