Leading the way
to more sustainability.

At ECOWINDOWS, we believe in the power of healthy, sustainable homes.

We know that Kiwis want to live in comfortable, energy efficient homes – even though many current New Zealand houses do not meet that standard.

Our knowledge and hands-on experience with market-leading German engineering means we’re uniquely placed to help architects, designers, builders and homeowners achieve those goals without compromising on design.

Because we’re so passionate about leading the charge toward eco-friendly, efficient homes, we also make it our business to keep up with sustainable technology. It’s a fascinating, ever-changing industry, so we’re constantly attending trade fairs and seminars to make sure we’re experts in the field. As our knowledge grows, we’re able to offer more products and better solutions.

We offer completely customised solutions for new builds and renovations, from energy-efficient windows and doors, to ventilation and shading solutions. Unlike many suppliers, we don’t just deliver the product and leave – our customers rely on us to be there with advice and support throughout their building journey.

ECOWINDOWS is a proud member and supporter of these organisations:

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