Naturally **sustainable**.

The original wooden window reinvented to fit modern standards.

ECO WOOD windows are ideal for retrofitting heritage homes or creating a traditional look in a new build – without compromising on warmth and efficiency.

Because timber is naturally ‘thermally broken’ it provides a high level of energy efficiency without being treated. Combined with our high-performance glass and high manufacturing standards, it helps create warm, dry, beautiful homes. They are perfect solutions for the special demands of creative architects and design driven customers.

Manufactured in Europe from sustainable timber, ECO WOOD windows will be beautiful and functional for generations if properly cared for.

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ECOWINDOWS wooden windows are manufactured with the highest skills in craftmanship in Germany and are available as wooden double-glazed windows and triple-glazed windows. Our timber windows are made of pristine and robust larch and oak timbers, with multilayer laminated profiles, that provide the best quality and outstanding durability to ensure a long-lasting, perfect fit.

Sustainability is a high priority for us. This is why the wood from our timber windows is harvested exclusively from certified, sustainable forestry in Germany and never from the Siberian Taiga or from exploited tropical rainforests.

Our wooden windows are approved with a PEFC-certified sustainability seal, that ensures a steady reforestation and a responsible management of our woodlands, which means that when trees are felled, new ones are planted to replace the ones that were harvested. This approach helps us to protect critically endangered forests.

Yes, they are! All the wooden windows from our range have successfully proven their durability through their decade-long installation in Germany and other European countries. Some of these regions, such as Southern Spain, Italy and the European Alps, experience very high radiation levels, which are similar to those in New Zealand. These extremely resistant timber windows have been used in the mentioned countries for more than 50 years and are still in perfect working condition.

The wind-, water- and air-tightness of our windows are rigorously tested and approved by the internationally accredited and renowned institute “IFT Rosenheim” which specialises in assessing the performance of European windows and doors. Their testing procedures and norms (European norms/EN) are much stricter compared to those of the New Zealand Building Code. This allows ECOWINDOWS to offer products with the highest quality, durability and lasting stability for our New Zealand customers and their building projects.

Yes, it is! ECOWINDOWS has a vast variety of wooden double-glazed and triple-glazed tilt and turn windows available on display at our showroom in Hamilton. You are welcome to visit us and experience the samples of our inward opening timber windows for yourself. Please have a chat with our friendly staff to discuss the individual requirements of your building project, we would be happy to help you!