Not just an entrance, it's a statement.

ECOWINDOWS entrance doors are weather resistant, sound attenuating, durable and come in any imaginable design.

Entry doors can be true eye-catchers or they can set the gentle tone of a home’s style.

To provide customers with a wide range of entry doors featuring different materials and a variety of designs and at the same time meet our high standards of comfort and performance, we only work with different first class German manufacturers, such as DÖPFNER.  

The company Döpfner is one of the market leaders in high quality window and door construction, and we are proud to be Döpfner’s exclusive partner in New Zealand. Whether made from traditional materials like wood, glass or aluminium, or featuring fascinating modern materials like stone and concrete, all doors provide the highest level of security. The multiple locking systems are user-friendly and burglar-proof, while all doors are thermally sealed and come with an internal steel frame to prevent deforming.

Multipoint locking mechanisms with door lock and key cylinder are also available for tilt and turn balcony and laundry doors.

You can be your own door designer with the DÖPFNER CONFIGURATOR (and by the way you can learn a little German too).

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Front doors are the key element of a house and play a big part in our everyday lives. We use them countless times, multiple times per day, for decades to come. This is why ECOWINDOWS entrance doors are only made with high-quality materials, to ensure their outstanding longevity and durability.

The ECOWINDOWS product range of designer doors includes a vast variety of materials that suit countless design preferences, performance requirements and individual budgets.

Our range of energy-efficient doors, of which most are suitable for the strict requirements of Passive Houses too, include the following materials:

  • Wood - a natural product that offers warmth and multiple options of surface treatment and appearance
  • Wood & Aluminium (WoodAlu) - combines the best features of durable aluminium with the warmth of wooden joinery, which guarantees durability and offers diverse design options; it is even possible to have a concrete or stone surface designer entry door
  • Aluminium - interesting shapes and structures, that are made of exclusive aluminium profile systems, which provide excellent thermal insulation
  • PVC - you can choose from a wide selection of innovative and classical designs, made with highest quality materials that guarantee durability for many years

Within the 12-month period ending in May 2020, New Zealand Police recorded about 68,000 burglaries, of which more than 70% affected private residential properties. A solid and robust entry door, equipped with the newest technologies and safety features, can help to protect the security of your home.

Our entry doors always come with multipoint door locks and security key cylinders (top German brands only). This standard version of a locking mechanism provides a high security level for your door. In addition to that, various options are available to enhance the safety performance of your unique door. A door lock with a total of five locking points, all made of high-performance steel, can boost the safety of your entrance to a maximum.

We are happy to help you find the most suitable safety option to meet your individual security requirements for your building project. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Yes, they certainly can! Smart home features can make your home more comfortable, safer and enhance the overall efficiency of your house. ECOWINDOWS has multiple features available to make your home smarter by combining the security of a mechanical multi-point lock with the convenience of modern electronics.

We offer high-quality products from KFV, a German premium brand, that provides automations for electromechanical locking and unlocking of entry doors. These features guarantee quick and ultra-quiet electronic locking and release, while ensuring an optimal sealing of the door.

Our systems can be combined with a variety of features, such as fingerprint scanners, keyless automations and many other applications. We would love to tell you more about our range, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more!

The handles on our energy-efficient doors and windows have to be reliable and robust to last a lifetime.

ECOWINDOWS has a huge selection of long-life handles available, that cover all sorts of applications fields. Our range includes standard handles from Germany, exclusive premium brands with sleek elegance and timeless designs, and even a New Zealand made option of high-quality handles.

There is literally nothing we can’t offer, you can choose from a myriad of options!