A winning **combination**.

Thermal benefits of high performing wooden joinery meet the advantages of a maintenance-free aluminium cladding all in one window.

Wooden joinery not only delivers great insulation values, the beauty and warmth of natural wood also adds character to a home’s interior.

Aluminium exterior cladding is durable and doesn't require (almost) any maintenance. They protect the windows from the elements and add extra design options.

The ECO WOODALU series perfectly combines the two features.

ECO WOODALU windows are high quality products designed and built in Germany. All ECO WOODALU windows are suitable for Passive Houses and are available in a wide range of profiles and colours to match the interior and exterior design of any building.

 ECO WOODALU windows offer high thermal performance for a healthy and perfectly insulated house. They do have a significant impact on the living comfort and quality of life. Depending on the model and glazing, their thermal performance (R-value) is 3 to 8 times higher than required by the NZ Building Code for house insulation.

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Inward opening windows, widely known as tilt and turn windows, are the standard window type used in Germany and most of Western Europe. These versatile windows can be opened flexibly in two ways: fully inwards, so that they swing open into the room, or tilted from the bottom, so that the top of the window is angled towards the room.

Tilt and turn windows have several benefits compared to other window options:

  • Safe ventilation - the tilt function allows a permanent and yet safe ventilation of the room. The angled gap does not let any rain water inside the house, is burglar proof, and eliminates the hazard of children falling out.
  • Easy maintenance - tilt and turn windows are very easy to clean, as you only have to open it inwards to wipe the outside surfaces.
  • First-class safety features – our tilt and turn windows are extremely secure and tight due to multiple locking points. As these windows can be fully opened, they also serve as an emergency escape in the event of a fire.
  • High-quality insulation – our timber windows are manufactured with precision and high accuracy, offering a much better insulation compared to other window types.

ECOWINDOWS has a vast variety of wooden double-glazed tilt and turn windows available on display at our showroom in Hamilton. You are welcome to visit us and experience all the benefits of an inward opening window for yourself, we would be happy to show you around!

Yes, they are! We refrain from using any timber from the Siberian Taiga or from exploited tropical rainforests. The wood from our timber windows is harvested exclusively from certified, sustainable forestry in Bavaria, Germany. This is where our wooden double- and triple-glazed windows are manufactured with precision, years of experience and the highest skills in craftmanship. Our wooden windows are made of pristine and robust spruce, larch and oak timbers, with multilayer laminated profiles that provide the best quality and outstanding durability.

The PEFC-certified sustainability seal ensures a steady reforestation of our woodlands. This allows us to protect critically endangered forests, and helps avoid unnecessarily long transit of our products, which drastically reduces our CO2 emissions.

Yes, they are! All the wooden windows from our range have successfully proven their durability through their decade-long installation in Germany and other European countries. Some of these regions, such as Southern Spain, Italy and the European Alps, experience very high radiation levels, which are similar to those in New Zealand. These extremely resistant timber windows have been used in the mentioned countries for up to 50 years and are still in perfect working condition.

The wind-, water- and air-tightness of our windows are rigorously tested and approved by the internationally accredited and renowned institute “IFT Rosenheim” which specialises in assessing the performance of European windows and doors. Their testing procedures and norms (European norms/EN) are much stricter compared to those of the New Zealand Building Code. This allows ECOWINDOWS to offer products with the highest quality, durability and lasting stability for our New Zealand customers and their building projects.

All timber and PVC windows from the ECOWINDOWS range provide the highest quality of safety features to guarantee the security of your home and your family. This is why we only offer exclusive hardware that carries the renowned seal “made in Germany” or “made in Austria” from market-leading brands such as SIEGENIA, MACO and ROTO.

Our safety features include burglar resistance hardware that makes prying windows open practically impossible. Additional features include:

  • Opening restrictors - increasing the operational reliability of windows by absorbing the force and gently cushioning the sash
  • Turning locks - allowing only authorised people to turn and open a window
  • Tilt-before-turn (TBT) hardware - utilising a key activation which prevents unauthorised opening
  • Multipoint locks - offering the highest protection against intruders due to multiple high-quality locking points that grip into steel frame parts (striker plates)

We look forward to welcoming you at our showroom in Hamilton for a first-hand experience of our wide range of hardware and wooden windows.