No reason to get overheated.

Sun protection and more with our intelligent shade solutions

ECOWINDOWS shading systems are versatile, sophisticated and easy to use. Available in a variety of designs, ECOWINDOWS shading solutions not only allow control of indoor temperatures and prevent overheating, they can also create privacy and protection from insects.

ECOWINDOWS shading systems include awnings, roller blinds and shutters, venetians, large slats, patio roofs, sun sails, panel curtains and blackout blinds. A combination of these elements can help prevent overheating in summer and lower heating costs in winter, by reducing heat loss at night, insulating windows, and gaining energy through daytime sunlight absorption.

The intelligent control systems ensure a high efficiency by considering current climatic factors. Included in the ECOWINDOWS shading range are smart awnings with sensors that automatically retract in windy weather as well as roller blinds that can be remotely opened and closed for sun and burglary protection. Venetian blinds are also adjustable by remote control to comfortably optimise daylight utilization without glare for a cosy atmosphere.

With high quality materials and a wide range of colour options, ECOWINDOWS shading solutions can be tailored to fit almost any build.

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