New materials for warmer homes.

Energy efficient, affordable and long-lasting, PVC windows have been a market leader in Europe for years

Our ECO PVC windows give New Zealanders the chance to experience this combination of performance and affordability for themselves.

Made from high-quality, lead-free PVC, ECO PVC windows come in a range of designs and colours to suit most builds. Clip-on aluminium cladding in a range of colours can be added if needed.

The ECO PVC series is manufactured in Germany. The durability of these windows is outstanding: For decades PVC windows (also known as uPVC windows) have been installed in climates with similarly high UV levels as in New Zealand, e.g. in Sicily, Andalusia and the European Alps. Even under severe weather conditions, the resistant PVC will neither discolour nor degrade. For additional weather protection and more design options our ECO PVC range is now available with Acrylic glass or Aluminium surface option.

ECO PVC windows are of course fully compliant with the NZ Building Code, making them easy to include in any projects.

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