Energy efficiency with the
no maintenance-factor.

We don't say no to aluminium

We love timber. Timber is the most sustainable material to manufacture windows from. Timber windows do not need a "thermal heart" as they are naturally thermally broken. That's why we call almost all of our windows as timber windows. But timber has one dis-advantage that some people do not like: it has to be maintained. A fresh paint every 2 or 3 years is just vital. That is the reason why aluminium windows are so popular in New Zealand.

On the other hand aluminium is just not the material that stands for energy efficiency and sustainability. But it is very durable and needs no maitenance.

So why not combining both materials?

A window with a solid timber core (FSC certified European Spruce), warm timber on the inside (huge range available) and the durability and design variety of aluminium on the outside. That is exactly what our WOODALU series is all about.

These types of windows are the best-selling timber windows in Germany because of their versatility. ECOWINDOWS introduces it now to the New Zealand market as they fit perfectly to the environmental conditions as well as the Kiwi mentality.

Needless to say that our WOODALU range comes with excellent energy values, too (r-value of up to 1.0 depending on type of glazing).