Energy efficiency solutions
for the highest demands.

Passive house standard made affordable

VISOLUX is our most energy efficient series. These windows have a solid timber core (made of FSC certificated European Spruce), a high-grade timber veneer on the inside and a PURENIT® outer layer. PURENIT® is a high-tech composite material "made in Germany" that offers the best insulation values. The exterior profile is protected by a maintenance-free metal layer.

The VISOLUX series gives you the freedom to combine plenty of design options with the highest standard of energy efficiency. Inside timber could be e.g. American Oak, European Spruce, European Beech, Cherry, Walnut or Maple. The exterior can come in aluminium (white, silver, brown), copper or brass. 

The most amazing thing about VISOLUX is the incredible good energy saving attributes. With just double glazing we can reach U-values as low as 1.11 (= r-value of 0.91) depending on the coating ("low-e") and type of gas filling of the glass.

Being already a standard in Germany we do offer triple glazing as well. That means U-values of under 1.0 (r-values above 1.0!) are now available in New Zealand, too.

So if you are looking to get a passive house standard our VISOLUX series should be your first choice!