Energy efficiency - not always an issue
of windows and doors.

Fresh air without open windows

Sometimes opening a window is not the appropriate solution. If you live close to an airport, a motorway or a railway line you know about that. You always have to compromise between having the fresh air that you and your house essentially needs and the massive noise harrassment.

ECOWINDOWS knows the solution: having the right windows with tight profiles and special noise insulated glazing AND a de-centralized ventilating system. These little, but highly effective appliances will help you stay in a healthy climate within your house. They let in the air that you need, but keep out the noise that makes you sick.

ECOWINDOWS is proud to be exclusive partner for SIEGENIA-AUBI ventilation systems in New Zealand. We offer products for the highest demands of ventilating houses as well as small solutions that assist to get a minimum of ventilation even if the homeowner is not at home.

Now you can leave your bach for the winter without the fear of getting back a moldy hovel when season starts again.