Sustainable beauty.

from log to profiles
Energy efficiency and sustainability are both important parts of the big plan, how to keep this planet liveable and enjoyable. ECOWINDOWS has a very strong commitment to use only ingredients that are in accordance to the strongest standards. That is why all the solid timber that we use is FSC certified or comes from local and sustainable forest.

ECOWINDOWS is proud to be the first and only window manufacturer in New Zealand that uses sustainably grown native timber for its windows. Due to our unique system that always combines an interior layer with a different exterior cladding we are able to use Southland Silver Beech, one of the most attractive timbers NZ has to offer. This timber alone won't work under the NZ  weather conditions, but in combination with a durable exterior shell (eg ACCOYA, aluminium, PURENIT) it is absolutely perfect.
Locally grown, native timber - we also use Macrocarpa from our Raglan surroundings - is not everybodies cup of tea. Designwise as well as pricewise. That's why we also offer a huge variety of other timber options.

Within our WOODALU and VISOLUX series we get our window profiles from Germany. The solid timber core is always made of FSC certified European Spruce. That is the most common timber for windows in Germany. On top of this  we provide our customers state-of-the-art veneer solutions, e.g. in American Oak, European Beech, Maple, Ash and many more.

The veneer technique that our supplier uses is outstanding - you won't see any difference to solid timber. It looks almost like a piece of furniture.