Energy efficiency made of
bits and pieces.

A good composition
Ok, the major components of a good window are of course profiles, hardware and glazing. But there are a few of ingredients that could make the difference, too. Sometimes it's the little things that turn a good window into an "eco window".

A high quality rubber seal is essential for getting a window as tight as possible. A thermally broken threshold turns a sliding door or an entry door into an essential part of an energy efficient home. There is so much more that looks maybe small and unimportant, but that helps in its total to create the best available window in New Zealand:

paint, oil, screws, sills, glue, glazing bars, locking cylinders, etc...
Because we know about the importance of these "small things" we only use the best brands with an eco friendly expertise, such as Würth, Gutmann, WILKA, CES, SIKKENS, Remmers, OSMO, Ammonn, VBH, Kleiberit and many more.

Again, it's all about the right mixture of all components that turns a good product into a sustainable product.

And that is why the bits and pieces sometimes make more than a difference!