Rhenish Connection.


It's all about competition.

There are two German cities that are famous for their rivalry - Cologne and Dusseldorf. Both are connected by the river Rhine, both celebrate their carnival extensively (shouting "Alaaf" in Cologne and "Helau" in Dusseldorf), and both live for their soccer teams. The cities are so similar that it became a long maintained love-hate relationship.

But some things change with every mile of distance. At the end of the world Cologne and Dusseldorf are both rhenisch capitals who share their sense of humour, inviduality and independence.

Doesn't that sound a bit like kiwi mentality, too?


However Bjorn Ledwig (right) and Thomas Wessling (left) are a very good example of a peaceful and creative co-existence of people from Dusseldorf and Cologne.

Bjorn comes from Dusseldorf and has been living in Raglan since the 90's. He is a master joiner who has huge knowledge and experience in window making. Thomas was born in Cologne. He is an experienced marketing manager who used to work in the business for 15 years. He now lives in Raglan since 2010.

They both share the passion for high quality products and the ability of finding the best fitting solutions for their customers. Really a "can do" mentality with a hint of rhenish-raglanian serenity. Kiwi style.