BYO - Build your own.

Energy efficiency customised
Every customer has its very special needs and expectations about their windows. We know that the right choice for joinery is a very individual thing. That's why ECOWINDOWS offers its unique MIX-&-MATCH system.

Our windows are always built out of two layers: interior and exterior. Depending on your very individual demands in terms of energy efficiency, design or budget you can combine all different options as you like.

We see ourselves as the consultants but you are the designer! You define your individual type of window!
All of our series - WOODALU, VISOLUX and MATAPIHI - are determined by their exterior cladding (aluminium, PURENIT, timber). As they are all made of the same profile system they can be combined with all different interior options.

E.g.if you love the exclusivness of NZ Southern Beech but need the outstanding energy efficiency of our VISOLUX series - not a problem. If you have a smaller buget, just take the more affordable WOODALU option along with the Southern Beech. And so on.

The combinations are almost endless and we are more than happy to fulfill all your special wishes.