Energy efficiency grown and crafted
in New Zealand. Certified.

Matapihi the NEW ZEALAND window

We call ourselves ECOWINDOWS. Needless to say that we know about the problems of offering products that come with a carbon footprint. Most of our ingredients come from overseas, so they can't be carbon neutral. Though we are aware of that we really do believe in our products as their functionality and their energy values are more than a compensation for their carbon footprint.

On the other hand we also know that many New Zealanders prefer to have local ingredients. Kiwiana is something that drives us, too!

That's why we invented our outstanding MATAPIHI series. These windows are made of 100% timber without any compromises.

ECOWINDOWS is proud to be the first NZ window manufacturer to use sustainably grown Southland Silver Beech, the only FSC certified native timber in our country.

We use this beautiful wood as the interior layer of our windows and combine it with a more durable timber (e.g. locally grown Macrocarpa, Western Red Cedar or ACCOYA) on the outside to keep the maintenance expenditure as low as possible.

No surprise, that the energy performance of our most exclusive windows is outstanding, too. So if you are looking for energy efficiency with the kiwiana factor, MATAPIHI is your choice!