Energy efficiency "made in Germany".

from the home of energy efficient windows
Yes, we love timber. Yes, our roots are as wooden as roots can be. But more than that we love solutions that help people saving energy and making their lives more comfortable and sustainable.

That is why we are delighted and proud offering one of the most stunning products from Germany: triple glazed THERMO-SOLAR GENEO windows from HILZINGER.

We are very proud being the first and exclusively NEW ZEALAND distributor for products from HILZINGER Fenster & Türen, one of the biggest and most successful window manufacturers in Europe.
The THERMO-SOLAR GENEO is the highest standard of energy efficient windows worldwide. It is made of uPVC, which nowadays is absolutely resistant against UV and has nothing to do with the plastic stuff that caused some bad reputation in New Zealand. These windows are made of hightech material (RAU-FIPRO) invented by REHAU, the world's leading company for PVC extrusions.

The best thing about our HILZINGER windows is the extraordinary energy efficiency (r-values up to 1.5!) along with their tremendous affordability. And if you're still not convinced about their UV durability they can come with an aluminium exterior, too!