The engine of a window.

Solutions inside
Have you ever wondered what typical components belong to a window? Ok, first thing in mind is the glazing. Maybe the frame and the sash. Often there's a sill and mostly you find a handle. This is definetely all right, but the essential ingredient is still missing: the hardware! And hardware doesn't mean handle. The hardware is the engine of a window. It allows all the specific functionality of our windows: locking, turning (opening) and tilting!

All our European style windows are inwards opening tilt-and-turn windows. The hardware brings it all together. That is why it is so important to use the very best available hardware. That's why ECOWINDOWS uses hardware from SIEGENIA-AUBI. The German company is the world leader for tilt-and-turn hardware in terms of quality.
ECOWINDOWS is not only a window manufacturer but also the exclusive distributor of SIEGENIA-AUBI hardware in New Zealand. A major benefit for our customers as we are always able to provide the best available solutions to make our windows safe, tight and comfortabel.

All SIEGENIA-AUBI hardware is tested and certified for the strongest demands, no matter if it's a simple window, a large bi-fold or an extensive lift-and-slide door.

And even the entry doors come with the best European hardware standards. All doors from ECOWINDOWS come with a multipoint locking systems from KFV, a 100% subsidiary of SIEGENIA-AUBI.