Complex transparency.

Making the right choice
Though it might look crystal clear, finding the right glazing for your window could be sometimes tricky.

A good and sustainble window needs the right mixture of its essential components: profiles, hardware and glazing. In terms of energy efficiency there are plenty of possible glazing solutions that need to suit all individual demands:

  • Double or triple glazed?
  • Gas filling? Argon? Krypton?
  • Special coating? Low-e? Tinted?
  • Obscure or clear?Maybe coloured?
  • Annealed or toughend?
Lots of questions that need to be part of the consideration what type of window is the best for every particular project. Because it is so complex good advice is so  important.
ECOWINDOWS has the most experienced partners in regards of glazing - both in New Zealand and overseas. Along with these we are able to guide our customers through the "glassy" jungle.

As we do know the experts in the world of glazing we can offer the whole range of products:

  • U-values (Ug) as low as 0.5 
  • UV protection
  • Sound proof glazing
  • Glazing with photovoltaic
  • Bird protection glazing
  • Glazing with integrated sunprotection
  • Coloured glazing
  • Tempered glass
  • and much more...

Getting the best guidance can turn complexity into transparency.