What it's all about.

small steps to sustainability
We don't live in the 20th century anymore. Back then it was quite common not to worry about the future or how the world will be in a certain amount of time. But that was then!

Humankind had to learn a lot. And we learned it the hard way: starting from Chernobyl until the inferno of Fukushima. Today all of us including our kids know about global warming, atomic contamination and the finiteness of resources. Good to know, but sometimes hard to handle.

But on the other hand more and more of us know about sustainability, commitment and responsibility. That is good. Even better that our kids sometimes know more about it than we actually do. It is a matter of progress and awareness.

And that means awareness for good buildings, too.
This new awarness for sustainable homes comes along with a simple fact of personal concernment: energy costs have increased tremendously and will do so in the future.

It comes that saving energy with a good insulated house ends up helping the environment as well as the wallet. That's really a win-win situation. 

It's the small steps that lead into big progress. It's the consumer who decides for a more sustainable power supplier. It's the architect that refers to build an energy efficient house, e.g. a Passive House. It's the clients who spend a bit more money for much better performing building components.

And it's of course the manufacturer that works to the highest standards in terms of quality, sustainability and responsibility - for the environment, the client as well as the community!